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Anti-Theft Backpack

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very nice bag

I just started school again and needed a new backpack and this one is super nice. I'm able to fit in my laptop and books with extra room to spare and I can charge my phone as well. The straps are also very comfortable and it's made of high-quality material.


Great backpack.

I absolutely love this adorable backpack. I work at a school, so I use this more as a bag than a backpack, but it is stylish and professional looking. The only downside is the patch on the front is a saying for a young girl, but I just used my cricut and cut out vinyl to cover it with my name. So, it all worked out perfectly fine. Also, I was surprised it didn't come with a charging pack, it just comes with a cord for a charging pack that comes out the designed spot on the backpack. But once again it is a simple fix. I just purchased a charging pack.

Jill Clark

Has everything you need in a backpack

This backpack is so complete, it has so many small pockets for wallets and cables and things. They are also separated by soft thick layers of material so you things won't hit at each other. And it also comes with a USB charging too is amazing..!!! The zipper is like on the back so people can't open it without you noticing, anti-theft like it says. Very nice product.


Nice Backpack!

I love this backpack. I recently bought it after using north face for nine years. It has a modern design and looks very sturdy. I am a working pressional and the backpack fits my work laptop well. It's very also very handy when I need to travel. I just put it on top of my luggage bag. The anti-theft feature is a plus. I look forward to using it every day in the future.

Wilson Z.

About Oscaurt

Oscaurt brand aim to bring you a more easy- going lifestyle. With our own design team and manufacture ability, oscaurt have been providing superior quality bags and service to customers for decades. Need a backpack ? Come to Oscaurt, we have the best !


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